Government Publishes New Strategy for Invasive Non-native Species


On 19th August 2015, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural (Defra) and the devolved administrations published a number of objectives for the next five years to raise further awareness regarding non-native species which may pose a threat to Great Britain, including species such as the Ruddy Duck and Japanese Knotweed.

The report seeks to support legislators in implementing the Law Commission’s 2014 Wildlife Law Project in England and Wales, which has already lead to improving species control. It also hopes to improve co-operation between regulators to ensure effective communication of any changes within this area of law. This includes the prevention of new “invasions” of non-native species, helping control resources and identifying gaps and prioritising areas which need observation.

The 2015 report seeks to build on the work of the Great Britain invasive non-native species (INNS) strategy published in 2008, which successes include the publication of 60 INNS risk assessments. The INNS recommended an evaluation every five years.

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