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We help you understand how your business is likely to be affected by Brexit.

Every industry sector in the UK is likely to be affected by Brexit regardless of how connected it is to Europe. If you trade internationally you will probably see the most change.

Some of the possible economic consequences of leaving the European Union include: reduced inward or outward investment, hiring difficulties stemming from labour shortages and wider economic downturn leading to recession.

Unless the UK has agreed a new trade agreement with a particular non-EU country, trade with that country may be affected by the UK’s loss of access to the EU's current free trade arrangements. If your business has continental European customers or suppliers, you will likely face increased difficulty doing business after Brexit.

How we can help

At Raymond Saul solicitors we aim to help you navigate the specific problems your business or you may face as a result of Brexit. We continue to offer a sensitive and considered service on the complex legal issues caused by Brexit.

The areas of law and business issues related to Brexit we cover for organisations and individuals include:

  • — Supply/Delivery (contractual provisions and practical steps)
  • — Import/export tariffs and procedures
  • — Intellectual Property rights
  • — Business and cash flow disruption
  • — Trading arrangements
  • — Business funding, acquisitions and disposals
  • — Dispute Resolution
  • — Real Estate
  • — Employment advice
  • — Immigration (all levels)

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